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The Benefits of PERI Scaffolding Parts

June 2, 2021

Benefits of Peri Up ScaffoldingWhy Choose PERI UP Scaffolding Parts?

PERI UP scaffolding is extremely flexible. All PERI UP components, such as ledgers, decks and standards, fit in a grid around any obstacle and any shape, whether square or circular.

Professionals can raise safe working platforms at any height due to PERI UP scaffolding's strength, stability and rigidity.

The system is safe, assembles quickly and boasts a high load-bearing capacity.

PERI Scaffold Components List

PERI Rosette

Horizontal components can connect directly onto PERI rosettes without any couplings. The rosettes allow for connections up to 45 degrees. This speeds up assembly and allows for many applications of the scaffolding with minimal components.

Working Deck

PERI working decks are flexible and gap free. They are designed on a grid system of 25 and 50 centimeters, so professionals can adjust them around any obstacle in any direction.

PERI decks don't have to be secured manually. Instead, they drop into place and lock instantly with Gravity Lock.

Made of steel, these decks can bear high loads and have a nonslip surface. They also have built-in safety systems, such as the integrated lock against lift-off.

Galvanized Standards

PERI standards and the shape of the rosette prevent the standards from rolling and make it easy to stack and transport them.

Tension-proof connections bind the standards to each other, meaning professionals can assemble units quickly and safely on the ground. Cranes can also move them due to their rigidity.

Toe Boards

Conventional toeboards are heavy, and securing them is time intensive and poses a higher risk of injury. PERI toe boards are yellow for increased visibility and have lengths in modular dimensions. They stack into each other, are lightweight and are safer to carry and store.

Ledger with Gravity Lock

For fast assembly, PERI ledgers have Gravity Lock, which means the force of gravity drops ledgers into place. The ledgers have a wedge hooked into the rosette opening for connection.

They can handle high leg loads and provide stable bracing.


PERI UP stairs can connect to the rosettes of the easy frame without additional components. Made of lightweight aluminum, the stairs mount on the ledgers to provide access to working areas.

They can work as solo or alternating staircase units with heights from 2 to 66 meters.

You can also adapt them to access building openings via laterally mounted brackets.

Talk to the AXIOS Team

AXIOS is a PERI scaffolding provider you can count on to reduce head count on site, increase safety and lower total installed cost. Our experts combine the most advanced technology on the market with decades of know-how to complete your project on time and within budget.

Talk to our team about meeting your goals with PERI UP scaffold components.