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Our Zero-Harm Commitment Is to People, Property and the Environment

At AXIOS Industrial, safety is more than a compliance requirement; it’s a core value that shapes every project and process. Nothing is more important than the health and wellbeing of our employees. Simply put, there is no job worth doing in an unsafe way.

AXIOS believes firmly that all occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable, and our passion for safety shows. We are dedicated safety leaders who act with a sense of urgency to eliminate or effectively control safety and health hazards. As a team, we build trust and support each other in our efforts to go above and beyond compliance with all safety rules and regulations. Through ongoing training and policies such as our Stop Work Authority, we promote a proactive approach to mitigating risk — to the benefit of both our employees and clients.


  • Actively reinforce our commitment to employee health and safety.
  • Promote the daily evolution of our behavior-based safety programs.
  • Deliver a positive mentoring environment to reinforce our safe work practices.
  • Recognize and reward safe work practices.

AXIOS Safety App

Available on iOS and Android

The AXIOS safety app, AIM-SAFE, allows you to digitize job safety analysis forms, equipment inspection forms and safety manuals so you can quickly find the information you need and ensure key forms are thoroughly completed. 

Job Safety Analysis Forms

JSAs are critical but also time-consuming. Our app eliminates human error while making it faster than ever to document critical information.

  1. With the app, you cannot accidentally skip steps and must complete each item before moving to the next.
  2. This eliminates JSA audit time because employees must fill out each form fully before they can submit it.
  3. The app automatically records the time, weather, GPS coordinates and other essential details.
  4. It immediately notifies a supervisor about any missing forms.
  5. It saves information electronically for real-time access and data analysis.

Equipment Inspection Forms

With AIM-SAFE, equipment inspection forms are easier to complete quickly and meticulously with an electronic checklist specific to the equipment type. Each form records all key details including geolocation, user name, number of unit, date and time.

In addition, with our system each piece of equipment or vehicle has a QR code that employees can scan to see its safety report and inspection record. Employees can also automatically receive notifications for equipment that needs inspection soon to ensure no inspections lapse. Combined, this process eliminates human error and reduces risk of accident, injury and regulatory noncompliance.

Safety Manuals and Training

Say goodbye to heavy, out-of-date binders with online safety manuals that are available from your mobile phone and fully searchable. In just a few clicks, you can find the exact information you need, saving time and ensuring you get the latest update on best practices.

The app also serves as a home for safety training records and programs so employees can complete continuing education training from their mobile phones on the go.


AIM-TRAIN is the AXIOS Learning Management System. It is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of training programs, materials, or learning development programs. 

All training and customer requirements for AXIOS will be tracked in AIM-TRAIN. When the need to complete a training or any other requirement throughout your employment , our AIM-TRAIN platform will send a notification via email.  

How to Choose a Maintenance Contractor

Download the complete guide to selecting a facilities maintenance contractor for safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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