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Increase Your Profitability and Facility Reliability With Advanced Technology and Techniques

Our people, processes and technology set AXIOS apart. From creating proprietary apps to hiring the best in the business, we ensure we're able to complete your projects at the lowest total installed cost.



Talent Mapping

We've developed an unrivaled knowledge of the industry through almost 50 years of delivering industrial solutions for global companies. Part of that solution is our talented workforce who bring the specific skillsets each site requires.

Our Talent Mapping software identifies the right local talent for the project, no matter the requirements. We hire only the best qualified employees for the job, focusing on local talent to minimize travel and per diem expenses.

Education to Go

After we hire talented individuals, we support them as they expand their skillset. With Ed to Go, our continuing education program, our employees can elect to develop their skills with a variety of business and construction courses and earn rewards for completion.

Slick Text

AXIOS Slick Text connects all employees, providing instant weather and safety alerts and company messaging wherever an employee is on the job site.



AXIOS Industrial Maintenance Point™ (AIM-POINT)

Maximize Tool Time With Our Work Management App.

Often, a site's day-to-day operations create a workload filled with unplanned tasks, spiking nonproductive time and costs.

With AIM-POINT, you can schedule work requests in advance, check the real-time status of your work requests and prioritize urgent jobs.

When you make a request, you can upload images of the work location and equipment, and we can upload pictures of the completed project. It's just one of the ways we reduce your head count on site.

We tailor the app to your work site and automatically track all your key performance indicators, saving time and allowing you to analyze critical data. You can monitor job progress, tool time and other productivity information. Plus, you can set push notifications send your team immediate alerts.

Rely on AXIOS as your industrial maintenance company to quickly increase the availability of your equipment, get labor to your work site faster and slash nonproductive time and costs.


AIM-POINT allows you to:

  • Customize the app to your job site.

  • Generate on-demand and automatic monthly reports.

  • Export data to Excel.

  • Upload information to Microsoft Power BI.

  • Track lead time, emergency jobs, open activities and average time to completion.


Safe by Choice, Not by Chance

At AXIOS, we don't just say safety is priority – we invest in it. We spent countless hours and resources creating a pioneering safety app that both saves time and increases the quality and quantity of the safety data we collect and the results we deliver.

Developed by site managers and front-line personnel, the AXIOS safety app reduces risks and improves the bedrock of on-site safety – employee engagement.


Boost Productive Time. Increase Safety.

  • Save an average of 10 minutes per JSA.

  • Make real-time, behavior-based observations.

  • Minimize recordable incidents and property damage.

  • Replace paperwork that can be lost, smudged or incomplete with thorough electronic documentation.

  • Reduce risk of injury.

  • Increase employee job satisfaction and HSE focus with an easy-to-use, mobile system.

  • Get instant safety metrics and send alerts on any issues that crop up immediately.

  • Lower costs from incidents, injuries and property loss.

AXIOS Scaffold 3D Planning and BIM Integration (AIM-AWP)

For typical scaffolding projects, almost 60% of the labor cost arises from modifications to scaffolding because of a lack of planning and understanding of how workers will use it.

Our 3D planning and model integration reduces these modifications and the total project cost.

Using your 3D installation work packages (IWP) or laser scans, we design the scaffold required by the workface and apply it to the 3D model of the build. Once the design is complete, the integrated IWP deliverable is the cornerstone to prestaging the scaffold material, optimizing its movement and building a scaffold that will require the fewest modifications.

This involves three phases:

Planning Phase
  • Assess access needs.

  • Validate worker utilization.

  • Create effective work packages.

  • Predesign access methods.

  • Group workface packages.

Scheduling Phase
  • Schedule worker utilization.

  • Align access needs to project schedule.

  • Prepackage material.

  • Coordinate material with the workface.

  • Establish workforce requirements.

Execution Phase
  • Review site logistics.

  • Develop the permit procedure.

  • Review lunch break proximity.

  • Utilize KPI technology.

  • Reduce the scaffold standing days.

  • Remove constraints.

AXIOS Electronic Timesheets (AIM-TIME)

AIM-TIME allows employees to complete timesheets electronically, and these timesheets are available for our clients to approve daily. This speeds up the time-tracking process, while reducing paper waste and improving record-keeping accuracy.


PERI scaffolding requires fewer craft personnel than other modular scaffolding. The connectivity apparatus utilizes a gravity lock and rosette connection eliminating the need to manipulate cups, pins, or triggers right.


  • No wood, wire & nails
  • Safety tie-off anywhere
  • Self-locking horizontals
  • Self-locking decking
  • Tool(less) Installation
  • High load capacity
  • Metal toe boards
  • Approx 30% Lighter



  • PERI ledgers drop into place and lock instantly with the force of gravity. In contrast, cuplock and pinlock systems need to be secured with a hammer. PERI speeds up installation and requires fewer building hours. It's also safer because worksite vibrations won't loosen system components.

  • PERI working platforms have zero gaps, are slip resistant and have yellow toeboards for enhanced visibility and safety. The components fit in a grid, so we can connect them to suit any work site’s geometry and accommodate any penetration or obstruction.

  • In addition, PERIpath and AXIOS 3D modeling allow us to carefully plan each component's placement before we ever set foot on your site. It enables managers to estimate, track, design and predict use of the scaffolding to increase dependability and manage costs. During your virtual walkthrough, you can see each component's specs, review the design, and approve it or request alterations.

Blastrac, Ecoquip and FasterBlaster

Our surface preparation robotics allow us to increase productivity, safety and environmental conservation.

Our FasterBlaster equipment prepares steel surfaces such as petrochemical or water storage tank shells, ship hulls, barges and other marine vessels. It's perfect for medium to large vertical blasting projects.

Our Blastrac global steel shot blaster is ideal for medium to large horizontal steel blasting projects. It uses a center-fed blast wheel design to propel steel shot and can adjust to a wide range of surface profiles. It prepares steel surfaces such as tank floors and roofs, ship decks, barges and other marine vessels, hatch covers, bridge decks and offshore drilling platforms. 

Both the FasterBlaster and Blastrac reduce labor, minimize cleanup and improve productivity and quality. They also lower overall maintenance costs.

Our Ecoquip vapor abrasive blasting equipment optimizes the air, water and media ratio. It produces 92% less airborne dust, with no run-off. Plus, it uses less media than conventional methods, with minimal cleanup. This reduces labor costs and the total installed cost.


AXIOJET™ is the cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to remove tank coatings and linings. Using a 40,000-psi pump, our proprietary water jetting and recovery system blasts tank coatings and liners with just 3,000 to 4,000 gallons of water — making it easier than ever to treat tank floor bottoms and sides.

Plus, the system recycles the wastewater and returns it to the project using as little as 2,000 gallons per application.

Why Choose AXIOS As Your Industrial Maintenance Company?

Experience the power of advanced technology from our PERI UP scaffolding system to our proprietary time and cost-saving safety, work management and productivity technology. We go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service, track your key performance indicators and continually increase your site's tool time. 

Contact us to see how you can boost your productivity while reducing costs with an industrial maintenance company that delivers on time, every time.