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Minimize Corrosion, Reduce Costs and Gain Peace of Mind With AXIOS As Your Industrial Coating Contractor.

AXIOS Industrial combines technology with craftsmanship to properly prepare and coat structural steel, tanks, vessels, pipelines and other complex equipment. Our experts are highly trained, fully certified and extensively experienced in a wide variety of painting and protective coating applications across the industrial sector.

Our industrial coating services control corrosion, minimize replacement costs and extend the life of your assets. We install a wide range of exterior protective coatings and chemical-resistant, abrasion-resistant and reinforced linings.

Our array of specialized surface preparations include standard open nozzle abrasive blasting, hand power tool cleaning and automated abrasive blasting, using recycled abrasive in a closed system to minimize disposal costs and emissions. In addition, we offer a high pressure waterjetting system to remove thick film reinforced linings, which results in a significant reduction in disposal costs as well as schedule of performance.

Guided by our stringent safety protocol, AXIOS ensures that every industrial coatings project meets strict HSE and regulatory requirements — from our corrosion under insulation (CUI) service to tank coatings and beyond. We execute every service to meet your current and future facility requirements, whether you contract with us for new construction, facility expansion or long-term maintenance services.

Our team includes NACE-certified coatings inspectors and other experts associated with the Houston Coating Society, who sign off on each project before we count it complete.


Tank Coatings and Linings

  • Tank Coatings: Protect your assets with long-lasting, abrasion-resistant interior and exterior tank coatings for asset protection and product purity.
  • Reinforced Tank Linings: Get cost-effective, durable fiberglass-reinforced linings to protect your tanks from corrosion and abrasion, repair pitted or damaged floors or extend API inspection intervals.

Pipeline Coatings

  • Pipeline Coatings: Select from a wide range of external pipeline coatings for both above and below-ground pipelines to control corrosion and maintain compliance with government regulations.
  • Rehabilitation Pipeline Coatings: Employ specialized coatings to protect and rehabilitate underground pipelines to extend their useful life and comply with government regulations.

Other Coatings

  • High-Temperature Coatings Systems: Protect surfaces and minimize downtime and equipment replacement costs with corrosion-resistant, high-temperature coatings, epoxies, urethanes, ceramic filled, Novalacs, polysilixanes as well as many other specialized coatings.
  • Architectural and Industrial Painting: Maintain your assets with swift industrial painting solutions.

Other Services

  • Concrete Repair and Restoration: As durable as concrete is, at some point it will need repair. We'll create and execute a strategy to patch, smooth and restore your concrete surface to make it stronger than ever.
  • Lead Abatement: Reduce hazards and meet regulations with lead abatement solutions. We offer a wide array of lead abatement solutions including enclosed vacuum power tool cleaning, wet abrasive blasting, enclosed automated blasting to reduce employee exposure, and detrimental impact to the environment.


You can count on AXIOS to complete your job on time, within your budget.

  • Experienced: Our experts have a decades-long track record in applying industrial coatings, safely, effectively and efficiently.
  • Safe: Everyone on our team is highly trained, has the authority to address safety concerns immediately and adheres to rigorous internal guidelines and customer requirements.
  • Efficient: Before we begin, we employ tried-and-true processes for surface preparation, using a combination of automated abrasive blasting equipment and open-nozzle abrasive blasting to maximize productivity and reduce disposal costs as well as environmental impact.
  • Certified: We make certain that our workers are well trained to meet or exceed required standards and customer expectations. We also employ several NACE-certified inspectors who review and inspect surface preparation and coating application work before we mark it complete.

What Equipment Do You Need Protected?

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How AXIOS Increased Efficiencies for a Coatings Project
How AXIOS Increased Efficiencies for a Coatings Project
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