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How AXIOS Reduces Head Count on Site

August 10, 2020

Oil & Gas Production 4 Strategies to Boost Safety, Lower Liability and Reduce Overhead Cost in Construction

Safety is always a paramount concern on work sites. When the site head count is higher, the possible scenarios for liability increase. And now, during these especially challenging times of COVID-19, it’s even more important to limit site head count as much as possible so team health is maintained. A Houston-based industrial services contractor, AXIOS boasts an exemplary history of on-site safety and employs a number of strategies to lower site head count. Explore how to reduce overhead cost in construction as you plan your next project.

4 Ways AXIOS Minimizes Your Head Count

1. PERI UP Scaffold System

AXIOS partners with PERI USA to offer the leading scaffolding technology available today. The PERI UP scaffold system uses a modular, prefabricated component design that allows us to assemble scaffolding with a smaller team. There are no gaps in the platforms, and the galvanized steel panels prevent slippage. It’s possible to build the same scaffold with fewer people, since you don’t have to tie off to the legs, and the interlocking pieces speed installation.

2. 3D Modeling Allows You to Plan Everything Before Setting Foot on Site

Before beginning work, it’s beneficial to find issues in the design and alleviate them ahead of time. AXIOS 3D Modeling is the virtual method to uncover issues without so much as connecting two components together. Using our CAD-based technology, you can view the entire design from any angle in the 360cybersphere. The AXIOS team of safety experts are available to answer your questions and resolve any concerns.

Only once you approve the design does actual construction begin. If you wish to discuss head count during your review, this is an ideal opportunity. We will work with you to ensure you use only necessary workers at your site. 

3. Cross-Trained Teams Multitask and Minimize Head Count

AXIOS flex teams may wear only one hat on site, but figuratively they wear many in the course of their duties. Since our teams are cross-trained, scaffolders will assist with insulation, while the coatings team can help with scaffolding and so on.

Multiskilled teams means fewer redundancies on site, reducing your liability.

4. Our AIM-POINT Work Request App Helps Limit Your On-Site Maintenance Visits

Change is constant with facility maintenance. In the past, this meant frequent visits to sites to request work, taking teams away from other duties.

Our proactive solution is the AXIOS AIM-POINT Work Request App. The app allows individuals to input requests and send reference or site photos through their mobile devices rather than requesting on-site visits. In streamlining the work review process, AIM-POINT saves time for your team, increasing their productivity.

The app’s success is a matter of record. Download our case study on how AIM-POINT significantly impacted on a customer’s budget.

Reduce your head count on site

AXIOS is a leading industrial services contractor providing scaffolding, insulation, coatings and other specialty solutions. Our professional teams demonstrate expertise in completing tasks to deadline while limiting head count, risks and costs on site.

Whatever your project in terms of specifications or scope, AXIOS will create a solution that exceeds your requirements. Contact us to get the lowest total installed cost.