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Scaffolding Maintenance Guide: Extend the Life of Your Scaffolds

June 2, 2021

Industrial Scaffolding Maintenance7 Things to Look for During Your Scaffolding Inspection Procedure

Once industrial scaffolding is installed, maintenance teams must examine the components for any potential safety issues during their procedures.

When your team knows what to look for while inspecting scaffolding, maintenance to lengthen its life and save you resources becomes simple. Here are seven of the leading indicators that your scaffolding needs upkeep.

1. Missing Parts

Examine the scaffolding for any lost hardware, such as nuts, bolts, wedges or spigots. Missing parts can make scaffolding less secure and your work site vulnerable to safety issues.

2. Correct Replacement Parts

Should your team find parts missing in your scaffolding, avoid using cheap replacements. Stick to the manufacturer's specifications for new parts for the safest possible performance.

3. Condition of Panels

The floor of your scaffolding must bear the weight of hundreds of pounds from your construction team and equipment. When examining these panels, look for cracks, splits or dents that may signal floor weakness. Even small deformities can lead to equipment failure.

4. Exposed Sharp Edges

Scaffolding made of steel or aluminum segments should have smooth edges. Your team needs to look for rough, uneven exposed edges that may cause scratches or more severe injuries.

5. Signs of Overloading

If your scaffold's supports or floorboards appear dented or buckled, that is the first sign of failure due to excessive weight-bearing. Resolve these issues as soon as possible, as this is an early sign of structural collapse.

6. Proper Lubrication of Clamps and Braces (for Some Types of Scaffolding)

Nuts securing clamps and braces should move unimpeded. If they seem rigid, lubricate them as soon as possible, as rigid scaffolding is less safe and may lead to work interruptions.

7. Swing Gate Springs

Safety barriers exist to keep the work site safe by regulating the flow of worker traffic. When your team inspects scaffolding, that should include all swing gates and other barriers. If you find broken springs on swing gates, replace them soon.

Let AXIOS Serve as Your Scaffolding Maintenance Guide

AXIOS is committed to using advanced scaffolding materials, systems and techniques to maximize value for our clients. Utilizing CAD, Navisworks and Avontus Scaffold Designer, AXIOS experts transform SmartPlan models into custom scaffolding solutions that meet the needs of even the most complex projects.

Our unique 3D scaffolding designs also include an exact material list for each scaffold required, alleviating assumptions and guesswork from the start. This enables our clients to stay on schedule and within budget.

AXIOS utilizes the PERI UP scaffolding system to deliver unrivaled safety, productivity and flexibility. Safe, stable and secure, the system meets all OSHA scaffolding requirements, while providing you with the lowest total installed cost.

Whatever your project in terms of specifications or scope, AXIOS will create a solution that exceeds your requirements. Contact us to start reducing your maintenance spend today.