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How to Select a PERI UP System Provider

June 29, 2020

Industrial ScaffoldingFive Things to Look for When Evaluating Companies to Provide PERI Scaffolding Services

While scaffolding is a necessity for industrial applications during erection, dismantling, maintenance and repairs, not all scaffolding solutions are made equal. Some excel, and we believe that one, in particular, stands head and shoulders above the rest. PERI UP scaffolding is the industry leader in industrial scaffolding solutions, which is why we at AXIOS Industrial employ PERI UP Flex scaffold systems in our industrial services. Our goal is to increase efficiency and prioritize safety, both of which are maximized through the use of PERI UP scaffolds.

Benefits of the PERI UP System

Why chose PERI UP? The myriad reasons to choose PERI UP scaffolding include:


There is inherent danger in working at any significant distance above the ground. Falls can be disastrous, and dropped tools and materials can cause serious injuries. The dangers can be deadly, as documented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics – which records more than 60 deaths a year from scaffolding accidents.

The PERI UP system puts safety first. Every piece of the system fits snugly together, including the flooring, to eliminate gaps. Railings are at the proper height to minimize falls. Made in Germany, the PERI UP system limits minimizes risks as much as possible.


PERI UP Flex is unique in its approach to customization. The direction of decking can change while installing to adapt to the specifics of the application. When ordering scaffolding for a project, you can indicate what you need it to do – which means the scaffolding delivered to your site is designed for your needs.


The decking in the PERI UP system is non-slip, so your feet get solid purchase regardless of the weather or other conditions.

Ease of Installation

Using generic scaffolds can take a lot of time and energy during planning if you have to make a round peg fit into a square hole.

Installation is totally different with PERI UP. Your design requirements are part of the process of ordering the scaffolding, so when we deliver it to your site, it goes up quickly. Combined with our engineers’ expertise, the adaptability of the system makes resolving any issues and navigating around obstacles simpler and faster.

High Load Bearing

PERI UP is a carefully engineered system designed to connect seamlessly and intelligently. The special node rigidity and PERI Gravity Lock features result in scaffolds that can handle heavy loads.

How to Select a PERI UP Provider

When considering PERI UP provider options, there are a few things that you should look for, including:

Experience with the PERI UP System

PERI UP is intuitive and simple to use, but there is still a learning curve. When your project requires speed, precision and efficiency, you don’t want to wait for your provider to figure out how to use the system. Look for a company that has a proven track record using PERI UP in applications that are similar to yours.


Our engineers draft custom 3D scaffolding designs for your project using the latest in technology. 3D models include an exact material list for each scaffold required, alleviating assumptions and guesswork from the start. This enables you to stay on schedule and within budget, with no surprises.


Even the best system can’t prevent human error and negligence. When you trust a scaffold service provider to erect, dismantle and utilize a scaffold system, you want to know that they take safety seriously. Pay close attention to the safety record of all providers that you consider for your facility. Your employees’ health and safety depends on it.


If your scaffolding needs to be changed due to weather, changes in plans or unforeseen circumstances, you want to know that you can count on your provider to take care of it quickly. Some providers are more responsive than others, so it’s important to verify the company’s approach to service calls and emergencies. How quickly do they tend to respond? Do they have an app (like AIM-POINT) that you can use to contact them and report issues?


You deserve a provider that can arrive quickly, which is only possible if they are close enough to your facility. Make sure that your provider can access your facility with a local team in a time period that suits your requirements.

The AXIOS Difference

At AXIOS, we’re proud to be one of the premier providers of the PERI scaffolding services. We have worked with numerous facilities to deliver the highest quality scaffolding and industrial maintenance solutions. We chose PERI UP because we determined that it would allow us to deliver a level of service to our clients that no other system could. We believe there are numerous reasons to choose us as your PERI scaffolding services company, including:

  • Industry experience. Our team has extensive industry experience that we draw on to solve problems and provide customized solutions for our clients. We are able to identify solutions and deliver those solutions faster because of this experience.
  • Safety record. Safety is our primary concern, both for our team and for yours. We understand the inherent risks of scaffolds and have a comprehensive approach to addressing those risks. When you choose us, you know that you have chosen a team that will put the safety of your team and your facility first.
  • One-stop shop. We have the capabilities to deliver a complete scaffolding and maintenance solution. While we plan and execute scaffolding services, we can also provide ongoing maintenance and specialty services for your facility as well.

Get the lowest total installed cost with axios

Our team is here to answer your questions and to create a scaffolding plan for success. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and to learn more about our PERI scaffolding services.