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How to Select the Right Industrial Insulation Contractor for You

April 16, 2020

Industrial Insulation ContractorSix Things to Ask Your Potential Industrial Insulation Contractor

Hiring an industrial insulation contractor is one of those instances when you’ll need to spend money to save money. Insulating your industrial space well means that you can experience reduced energy usage so your utility bills will decrease. As part of your overhead costs, anything you can do to cut down on your utility bills frees up more money for other expenditures.

Considerations When Evaluating Industrial Insulation Companies

Because insulation installation is a fairly significant outlay of funds, doing research prior to choosing an industrial insulation company is the key to getting the best product and workmanship for your money.

1. Products

The insulation products associated with industrial spaces can be customized to address specific issues – such as pipe or ductwork insulation. In other cases, batt, spray foam insulation or thermal barrier blanket systems might be a better solution.

For many industrial needs, a customized insulation solution involving several different products is the most efficient approach.

2. Experience

The ideal industrial insulation contractor is armed with a significant amount of experience. Choosing one with an understanding and working knowledge of a range of insulation materials provides you with numerous options that can be applied to the needs of your industrial space.

Ensure that every company you consider is properly licensed and bonded as required in your municipality.

3. Up-to-Date Specialists

In addition to experience, choose an industrial insulation contractor that makes it a practice to keep up with the latest technologies, techniques and products. Specialists who understand the unique challenges that industrial spaces face and the insulation products that address them are vital in order to attain viable solutions.

4. Communication Style

Just like industrial businesses handle internal and external communications in various ways, so, too, do industrial insulation contractors. Some might prefer to give you daily updates on what you can expect for the next day’s work. Others could simply spell out the project’s details in the contract and communicate with you if changes are needed.

Understanding the contractor’s communication style can reduce headaches and misunderstandings later.

5. Online Presence

Industrial insulation contractors who maintain an online presence demonstrate pride in their services. Learning about the company’s history, philosophy, experience and other pertinent information starts by browsing their website. Consider it a red flag if you have difficulty learning more about the company online.

6. References

References continue to be a viable source of information regarding nearly every aspect of an industrial insulation company’s business. While some companies might post testimonials on their website, go beyond this step and ask what their references have to say about them.

If possible, ask whether there are any references that will speak to you directly. Try to talk to those customers who have also used the company to insulate an industrial space.

Why Select AXIOS as Your Industrial Insulation Contractor?

At AXIOS Industrial Group, our highly-skilled insulation experts are trained to deliver the proven insulation services you need – regardless of the size, scope and temperature application of the project.

From flexible applications that you can remove and/or reuse to metal jacketing, AXIOS Industrial Group is an industrial insulation company you can count on to reduce costs and increase productivity. 

  • With the latest in our technology and our proprietary AIM-POINT work management app, we reduce nonproductive time.
  • Our AIM program includes corrosion prevention, proactive maintenance and asbestos management, resulting in lower maintenance costs. 
  • If you need customized insulation solutions, we’re the experts in specialty services from fireproofing to soundproofing to CUI to increase your asset life. 

Contact us today to learn more about our industrial insulation solutions.